Advertising photography is one of the most challenging side in professional photography. From 1992 PRISM is working with so many advertising agencies and also with some national and international business organizations to fulfill their photographic needs. PRISM is well equipped with high end cameras, studio and lighting equipment.

The types of works PRISM doing for years are:

1) Photography of different manufactured products
2) Fashion photography, Model test photography, portraits
3) Indoor and outdoor of industries
4) Video documentary, etc.
PRISM also works with NGOs documenting their activities.

A short list of the organizations PRISM works/worked with

1) Bitopi Advertising Ltd. 2) Expressions Ltd. 3) Adcom 4) Protishabdo Communications 5) Interspeed 6) Unitrend 7) Grey 8) Matra 9) Pran/Rfl 10) Partex 11) Bata Bangladesh 12) Nestle Bangladesh 13) Monno Ceramics  14) Monno Attire Ltd 15) Singer Bangladesh 16) Square Toiletries 17) Akij Group 18) British Council 19) Otobi 20) Green Marketing 21) Arla Foods 22) Solidaridad Network Asia 23) Engender Bangladesh

Sample Images

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